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5 Important Tips to Optimize your Social Media Marketing

As an online marketer, you have lots of options with your digital marketing. Search engine optimization, Email marketing, Content marketing, Digital PR, Mobile marketing. Social media marketing is also one of the most important parts of online marketing.

So, let’s quickly get on to the topic. Here, are the top 5 Most Important tips you can use to effectively optimize your social media marketing.

5 Useful and Effective Tips to Optimize your Social Media Marketing

1. Use Eye-catching Images

Creative and eye-catching images are one of the best tools for increasing engagement on social media platforms. People love to see good quality images.

Images are the most important tactics for optimizing social media content. Visual content marketing has become a very important marketing strategy to achieve business marketing goals.

2. Use Hashtags

“Getting found” is the key in social media platforms. Hashtags can help you with this job.

According to a report “67% of respondents believe that hashtags are very important in their marketing mix“.

With the power of hashtags, you can spread your social media content with the right audience. Hashtags can give people a way to find your business products/services.

Some quick tips for using hashtags:

1. Use trending and popular hashtags in your niche.
2. Figure out what hashtags big businesses are using in their feed.
3. Create your own hashtags for promotion, marketing campaign.

3. Be Super Active on at least 3 Social Networking Sites

According to a recent report, Approx. 84% of online marketers are super active on at least 3 social networking websites.

You can go with some big names like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. But the idea here is to be super active on these social platforms.

You can achieve some big goals like customer trust, brand awareness, and lead generation by being active on these social platforms.

4. Post 1 to 3 Times a Day for Your Targeted Audience

“Why all businesses use social media platforms?” The answer is, to grow their social media presence. Building your social network could be beneficial for your business.

Posting on social media once per day is quite enough, But it will be really beneficial for your business to post 3* times per day.

If you want to grow your social media presence, You should increase the no. of social media posts per day.

5. Don’t Use it to Product Selling Purpose Instead Use if for Brand Loyalty

Most online marketers are using social platforms to build a quality relationship with their customers.

According to a recent survey, When web users buy something online, 18% of people care about the brand instead of low product pricing.

For an E-commerce Brand, What Matters Most Are:

1. Product Quality
2. Service
3. Business Trust

Find Thoughts

These were our top 5 important tips to optimize social media content. What about yours? What do you do to optimize your social media posts? Please let us know by writing in the comment section.