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The Importance of Blogging & Why you should do it Regularly

Lots of small and big businesses don’t want to invest their time and money into blogging. If you are also one of them this might be your biggest mistake. In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of regular blogging and why you should start doing it from now.

Okay, so your website is finished and it’s looking great. It offers a positive user experience. It’s mobile-optimized and has lots of glowing testimonials from your clients. You’re are getting enough traffic but somehow, you’re still not getting enough sales for your business.

This might be a reason that you’re overlooked on your site: adding a blog.

Now this question might come in your mind “Does blogging helps drive sales and grow your business?”

Well in this article we will try to convince you why your website needs a blog and why you should regularly blogging to grow your business. so let’s start.

1. Blogging Helps Driving Traffic To Your Website

If you want more traffic, start blogging. Blogging helps a small and big business to get more quality website traffic.

According to recent HubSpot marketing statistics, a company that publishes 16+ articles per month received approx. 3.5 times more traffic as compared to companies that publish only 0-4 articles per month. The key is to publish regular, organic and fresh content to your website which can drive more traffic.

Another main advantage of blogging is that it’s absolutely free. So you don’t need to pay a single amount of money.

2. Visitors Trust Company Blogs

When a new visitor comes to your website, he’ll find the same services offered by hundreds of other company, then why would he purchase from yours?

Here, blogging plays a major role. Blogging can boost new visitors engagement. In your business blog, you can publish anything that you want. From company news and announcements, upcoming events, professional resource to helpful articles and tutorials. It differentiates your business from your competition.

Blogging beats advertising. A lot of visitors trust a company blog to find more information about the company.

3. It Offers Fresh Content To Post on Social Media

Social media platforms are a very good source to drive traffic to your website. But you can’t always put external links of your website on social media platforms, because it makes your social media presence feel grumpy and spammy. Your customer’s engagement will start decreasing and you will notice it in the coming days.

So what to do now, the solution here is blogging. You can start writing some fresh and useful content and share it on various social media platforms. this way you are giving your customers something new each and every day which they’ll love.

Just make sure you are maintaining a consistent blog schedule and offers quality information to your social media followers. It will also increase your chance to bring some new customers to your website.

4. Another Opportunity To Get Website Traffic

Fresh content means frequent indexing. It’s really important to frequently add fresh content to your website. Google loves frequent updates on a website. If you are frequently adding new articles to your site then search engines crawlers will frequently look at your website. and you have the opportunity to achieve a higher ranking on search results.

So that’s why regularly blogging helps you get more website traffic.

Additional Point:

Don’t forget Onsite SEO of Your Blog

We all know that regular blogging helps driving traffic to your website. But don’t ignore On-Site SEO. Each and every article you publish on your website should be well SEO optimized.

After publishing your new article, your job is not done. You have some other things to do like:

– Adding correct meta title and descriptions
– Implement an effective URL structure
– Image and video optimization
– Article images ALT and title text
– Internal and external links
– User-friendly URLs
– Give your visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your blog
– Sharing on the social media platform

So, that was some quick tips you should follow after publishing your blog. Now only new blog you should also check previous articles and pages of your website too. If you need some help in Onsite SEO, Contact us or call us at +44 7507910808. We’d love to help.